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Lunch Menu

From 11.30am-2.30pm

Light bites

Arborio Pizza bread
    – Garlic & parsley 11
    – Garlic, parsley & cheese 14
    – Housemade Pesto & hummus 15
    – Housemade dips 16
Polenta Chips with garlic aioli (GF) 12
Soup of the day 16
Fritti calamari with chipotle mayo & lemon GF 22
Bruschetta topped with tomato, red onion, feta & basil salsa, basil pesto 22
Arborio Antipasto Platter – perfect for 2 46

Fresh & Leafy

Arborio Caesar salad of cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, anchovies & a poached egg
(anchovies in dressing) GF, KF & V available
    – classic 17.9
    – with chicken 24.9
    – with garlic butter prawns 25.9
Rocket, Walnuts, Pear & Parmesan Salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette (GF, KF)
   – classic 17.9
   – with chicken 24.9
    – with garlic butter prawns 25.9
Vietnamese poached chicken salad, glass noodles, slaw, coriander & mint GF 24.5
Vegan Super Salad of tofu, cauliflower, broccoli, quinoa, soybeans and baby spinach with coconut yoghurt cashew dressing 22.9

Between the bun

Crispy Battered Chicken Breast Burger house made milk bun, toasted garlic coriander aioli, kimchi, lettuce & Korean sweet chilli, straight cut fries 25.5
Crispy Battered Chicken Breast Burger in a Bowl garlic coriander aioli, kimchi, lettuce & Korean sweet chilli 24.9
Beef Burger house made milk bun, truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade, straight cut fries  25.5
Keto Friendly Beef Burger truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade served on a keto bun with petite salad bowl 25.5
Beef Burger in a Bowl truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade 24.9
Brekkie Brioche Burger with red onion, bacon, housemade potato cakes, kransky, fried egg, tomato relish, fries & garlic aioli 25.5

From the sea

NZ Green Lip Mussels steamed in a white wine, garlic, capers & herb broth & garlic bruschetta (GF & KF available) 25
Fritti Calamari with chipotle mayo & lemon (GF) 22
Tempura Battered Fish & Chips house-made tartare sauce, lemon & a petite fennel, shaved zucchini, mint rocket salad (GF available) 25.9
Fresh Fish of the day (GF available) 27.5


Arborio Pizza

(also available as take away) 12 inch base

Margherita with tomatoes, parmesan & basil, Napoli sauce & mozzarella    V 22
Tandoori chicken with caramelised red onion, guacamole & sour cream, coriander, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Italian & pepperoni salami, ham, kalamata olives, roasted red capsicum, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Mexican pizza of smoky black beans, chipotle, sour cream, coriander, mozzarella & crushed Doritos 24
Spiced Moroccan lamb mince, garlic cumin yoghurt, mint, olive oil, tomato, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Gourmet Hawaiian with smoked ham, pineapple, brie cheese, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 24.5
Romano, with garlic, chilli, olives, capers, red onions, semi dried tomatoes, roast artichokes, feta, fresh  basil, Napoli sauce & mozzarella    V 24
½ & ½ option available add 2 – Gluten free 9 & 11 inch base available add 3
Keto 9 inch base add 6



(also available as take away)

Smoked Chicken Fettuccine tossed spinach, pinenuts, red onion & a smoked chicken scented cream sauce 26.9
Porcini Gnocchi 3 mushroom ragu, gorgonzola toast, parmesan & watercress (V) 25.9
Slow Braised Chardonnay Lamb Pappardelle, roast garlic salsa verde, brioche crumbs & rocket 27.9
Seafood Linguini fish, prawns, mussels, calamari, tossed with chilli paste, cherry tomatoes, garlic & coriander 28.9
Beetroot, Hazelnut, & Goats Cheese Risotto, burnt orange dressing & chervil (V) 25.9
Chicken, bacon & leek risotto fresh thyme, spinach & parmesan (GF) 26.9



Roast Pineapple & Coconut Crème Brûlée Malibu coconut ice, mango jelly  16
Whittaker’s Milk Chocolate Marquise, burnt butter almond soil, raspberry meringue, salted caramel gelato  16
Tiramisu – Italian for “cheer me up!” Delicate savoiardi sponge, Allpress espresso & mascarpone, served with a petite espresso cream 16
Churros Spanish doughnuts with chocolate sauce & whipped cream 16
Gelato & Sorbet handcrafted in house (GF) 13
Raspberry Cheesecake blondie base, white chocolate vanilla parfait & roast white chocolate 16
Affogato vanilla bean gelato with Amaretto liqueur & espresso shot (GF) 16


Lunch Menu