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Lunch Menu

From 11.30am-2.30pm

Light bites

Arborio Pizza bread
    – Garlic & parsley 11
    – Garlic, parsley & cheese 14
    – Housemade Pesto & hummus 15
    – Housemade dips 16
Polenta Chips with garlic aioli (GF) 12
Soup of the day 17
Arborio Antipasto Platter – perfect for 2 46

Fresh & Leafy

Arborio Caesar salad of cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, anchovies & a poached egg
(anchovies in dressing) GF, KF & V available
    – classic 18.5
    – with chicken 25.5
    – with garlic butter prawns 26.5
Rocket, Walnuts, Pear & Parmesan Salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette (GF, KF)
   – classic 18.5
   – with chicken 25.5
    – with garlic butter prawns 26.5
Vietnamese poached chicken salad, glass noodles, slaw, coriander & mint GF 25

Between the buns

Crispy Battered Chicken Breast Burger brioche bun, garlic aioli, coriander, kimchi, lettuce &  sweet chilli sauce, straight cut fries 26
Crispy Battered Chicken Breast Burger in a Bowl garlic aioli, kimchi, lettuce, asian slaw & sweet chilli sauce 25.5
Beef Burger brioche bun, truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, aioli, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade, straight cut fries  26
Keto Friendly Beef Burger truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, aioli, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade served on a keto bun with petite salad bowl 26
Beef Burger in a Bowl truffle béchamel, grilled tomato, aioli, cos & balsamic shallot marmalade 25.5

From the sea

Fritti Calamari with chipotle aioli, rocket & lemon (GF) 22.5
Tempura Battered Fish & Chips house-made tartare sauce, lemon & a petite fennel, shaved zucchini, mint rocket salad (GF available) 26.5
Fresh Fish of the day (GF available) 27.5


Arborio Pizza

(also available as take away) 12 inch base

Margherita with tomatoes, parmesan & basil, Napoli sauce & mozzarella    V 22
Tandoori chicken with caramelised red onion, guacamole & sour cream, coriander, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Italian & pepperoni salami, ham, kalamata olives, roasted red capsicum, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Gourmet Hawaiian smoked ham, pineapple, brie cheese, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 24.5
Romano, with garlic, chilli, olives, capers, red onions, semi dried tomatoes, roast artichokes, feta, fresh  basil, Napoli sauce & mozzarella    V 24
Spiced Moroccan lamb mince, garlic cumin yoghurt, mint, olive oil, tomato, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25
Garlic Prawns & Chorizo fresh rocket, garlic aioli, coriander, parmesan, Napoli sauce & mozzarella 25.5
½ & ½ option available add 2 – Gluten free 12 inch base available add 3
Keto 9 inch base add 6


Italian Quarter

(also available as take away)

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Risotto fresh thyme, spinach & parmesan (GF) 26.9
Prawn, Pea & Chorizo Risotto fresh parsley, parmesan & tempura prawns 28.9
Saffron Pumpkin, Sage & slow cooked onion Risotto, crumbed goats feta & toasted almonds (V) 25.9
Smoked Chicken Fettuccine tossed in spinach, pinenuts, red onion & a smoked chicken scented cream sauce 26.9
Seafood Linguini fish, prawns, mussels, calamari, tossed with chilli paste, garlic & coriander 28.9


One last thing

Classic Crème Brûlée  14.9
Whittaker’s Chocolate Fondant,  Allow 20 minutes  14.9
Tiramisu – Italian for “cheer me up!” Delicate savoiardi sponge, Allpress espresso & mascarpone 14.9
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake 14.9


Lunch Menu